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Our goal at Hyperion is to drive discovery in biology and the medical sciences by streamlining the process of genomic-scale data analysis. We’re a team of broadly trained computational biologists that will help you uncover deep insights from -omics data. We provide end-to-end bioinformatics and computational services; from raw data to publication-ready figures.

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Custom Analysis Solutions our team works together with yours to plan, execute, troubleshoot and analyze the results of your experiment. Our consultants and engineers will design a customized computational pipeline tailored your experiment and optimized for the nuances of your data. For a quote or to discuss a project proposal please use the contact form below.

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Exome Sequence Analysis


Single Cell RNA-seq

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Gene Expression Profiling

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Epigenomic Profiling

Data Managment is more critical today than ever before. Datasets are becomining increasingly large and complex at the same time as journals and institutional review boards are requiring strict managment of your data. At Hyperion we are first and formost scientists so we understand the needs of our clients better than a traditional cloud storage company. For more information about our highly redundent and secure data managment services or to discuss how we can help you with your storage and data protection needs, please use the contact form below.

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Sea Snake Genome

We are assembling a high quality, publically available reference genome for the sea snake. We believe this genome will substantially improve our understanding of evolutionary dynamics and allow biologists to answer some of the most fundamental and important questions. Snake venoms have many extremely important uses including as anti-cancer drugs, pain medication, and potent antibiotics. Traditionally snake venom studies involve land snakes but having a complete genome will facilitate the study of Sea Snake venoms, which could lead to the development of new therapeutic drugs.

Sea Snake
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